Finished Product First:

The Building Process:

I took this class during my senior year at University of Oregon's Craft Center. It was a great introduction to this hobby and merged with an existing passtime of mine - longboarding.

In the beginning, I didn’t take too many photos because there was nothing too exciting about cutting a few strips of wood and gluing them together. One major lesson learned, is that wood prices can vary dramatically between different types. For whatever reason, I really wanted to use mahogany because I liked the idea of working with mahogany. But I realized at the end how expensive it acutally is. I remember the longboard being $27 bucks, which was pretty steep on a college budget --__--

Action shot of glue drying
Glue is dry
I thought this was artsy
Vine had just come out, and I was trying to find good uses for it
I used to skate down Alder street everyday in Eugene, OR on the way to class


I used a band saw to cut out the rough shape and then routed the edges.
I had to pull the trucks and wheels from my existing longboard